Schnauzer-Breeder Club Czech Republic
    Schnauzer-Breeder Club Czech Republic - South Moravia

                  Links to Our Friends

    Černý Blesk - Comics from my "Paintress"

    Drofa - more about Urschula's family
    Astronaut - about father of our first litter, Nutcracker
    Knížete Sternenhocha - about father of our second litter, Robin (Sternenhoch Diablo)
    Moldau North - about father of our third litter, Sam (Empire's Weekend Warrior)
    Ezüst Granit - about father of our forurth litter, Timothy (Mac Link's Nordic Delight)
    Czech Lady - about father of our fifth litter, Iggy (Iggy Pop z Marzemu)

    Vzpomínka - Miniature-Schnauzer Black and Silver Kennel
    pod Rozkvetlými plaménky - Miniature-Schnauzer Pepper and Salt Kennel
    z Úpatí Železných hor - Something about Mices and Ferrets